I am a photographer active mainly in Vietnam.

None of my family members work in the field of art but I like drawing since childhood. There were not many options for future career so I decided to do architecture and enrolled at Hanoi Architectural University in 2010. At that time, my parents gave me a camera as a gift and hope that it would be useful to support my learning. During my 5 years of university, the time I spent in classes was not as much with the camera. Therefore it was hard to choose between becoming an architect or a photographer by the time I graduated. Finally, I decided to follow my passion for architecture photography. Not many choose this profession as a full-time career in Vietnam partly because it requires certain architectural knowledge which I fortunately have from learning. Architecture photography was quite new at that time, bringing a gentle curiosity and desire to explore. Over the years, I have enhanced my experience by photographing and filming for Vietnamese architectural offices as well as by enriching my personal perspectives on traditional and contemporary architecture. I always love to capture the life around every building I visit, the “thing” that architecture gives to people.

My dream is to bring the architecture of Vietnam to all those lovers out there.

Photographer Trieu Chien