Ta Phin Monastery

“Ta Phin Monastery located in Ta Phin Village. It was built in 1942. Inherently, it was home to 12 nuns converted to Christian Congregation. In 1945, they left for Hanoi so the monastery was abandoned as a ruin until now.

Ta Phin Monastery has 3 floors including an underground basement, a west facing horizontal house with 5 chambers and a staircase. In addition, the right side of the monastery has a vertical house connected to the horizontal house. This is the place used to store food, furniture and the kitchen of the monastery as well. Today, the whole building has no roof but only the old moss-covered walls still remained. In front of the monastery, there is a large and long corridor but it is also not intact.

Ta Phin Monastery is mainly made of stone and partly brick. Its walls are quite thick so it not only creates tranquillity but also keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer for the monastery. All the windows are dome-shaped based on Roman architecture. The pillars in the front porch are made of monolithic stone and joined together by special materials, supposedly, from lime and molasses.”